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 N-Gage Emulation. NGage EMUALATOR for PC

n-gage game deck YewNES - is a NES emulator for S60. In other words, it lets you play Nintedo 8-bits games on a Nokia S60 mobile - including the N-Gage. You can play any NES game on you mobile, and play anytime and anywhere.



Emulates most Nintedo 8-bits games, more than 1,000 games.

Install rom files directly from inbox and Memory card.
Automatic shot, provide AA and BB Keys, you can release your fingers.

Snap game screen, you can send your high scroll game screen to friends.

key control styles match 3650, 7650/3660/6600 and N-Gage.

Free to try, every can download any trail YewNes, and unregister

version provides full features, only limited time.


5 speed levels, from very fast to very slow.

tow zoom modes, scaled mode and original size mode.

Provides fake TV mode(scanline).


Price may be a major factor in the N-Gage's reported poor sales numbers. At $299.99, the N-Gage is currently the most expensive game system among the crop of major game consoles (including PS2, GameCube, Xbox, and Game Boy Advance).

dowload n-gage emulator for PC Windows XP 98 and 2K free n-gage emulators are relesed so that you can play n-gage games  with the Gemu emulator wraggster on computer. emulators for the n-gage game deck Nokia NGage Emu EmuNGage

Chip-8 Emulators

Crazy Chip-8 v0.1 05/21/04 Nokia Series 60/N-Gage This is a port of Crazy Chip-8 for the N-Gage. It is a little more limited in terms of features compared to its Win32 ancestor.

Nintendo Emulators

SymbNes Download ? Nokia Series 60/N-Gage This is a preview release for SymbNes. Most things work so far such as rotating and keyconfig, it also features adjustable frameskip. No sound yet, though.
vNes Symbian v1.2
J2ME v1.2
12/12/04 Nokia Series 60/N-Gage
MIDP 2.0
This is a commercial NES emulator, the free version has limited time and save/load support. Sound support is reputed to be the best of any Series 60 NES emulator. If your phone supports MIDP 2.0 you should use the J2ME 1.1 version. The full version can be purchased for $9.90 USD
YewNes v2.0 (Trial) 11/19/04 Nokia Series 60/N-Gage This is a commercial NES emulator for all Nokia S60 phones and the N-Gage by YewSoft. The price to register is $14.98 USD. It's compatible with over 1000 games, has a screenshot function, scanlines, speed levels and more. The trial version is not crippleware, but has a time limit.

Nokia Emulators

Nokia J2ME Emulator Download 01/12/04 Siemens X55 J2ME This emulates the Nokia 3510i phone and its classes on the Siemens X55. It is currently alpha quality code.

Sinclair Spectrum Emulators

Spectrian v1.50 (UIQ)
v1.50 (S60)
10/24/04 Nokia 3650, 7650, 6600, N-Gage and N-Gage QD, Siemens SX1, Samsung SGH-D700, and Sendo X A Sinclair Spectrum emulator for digital phones. Specifically, it emulates Spectrum 48K / 128K / +2 / +2A. It has, among other things, sound support, save states, and custom key mappings. Some of the features are only available upon registration.
ZXBoy v1.3 April 04 Nokia Series 60/N-Gage This is a ZX Spectrum emulator for the N-Gage and Series 60 phones. It's looking pretty good so far, although compatibility isn't perfect and 128K sound is not implemented yet. The full version costs $10, but again, it's not everyday that you can enjoy emulation on a phone.

Super Nintendo Emulators

vSun v1.0 4096 colors
v1.0 65536 colors
01/28/05 Symbian (Nokia Series 60) A demo version of a new SNES emulator for Nokia Series 60 phones. Performance depends a lot on the game and the phone, but a few games are quite playable. The trial version has a time limit and cannot save or load game progress.

Commodore 64 Emulators

E32Frodo is a port of Christian Bauer's original Frodo for Amiga. It is open source and you are welcome to improve it if you like. These ports were done by Jal Panvel, Alfred Heggestad and Hannu Viitala. The older version right now has two different versions for 16 or 256 color machines, but they will hopefully become one version at some point.

GameBoy Emulators

GamePhone Advance v1.4
(Trial) 03/16/04 Nokia Series 60/N-Gage This is a GameBoy/GBC emulator by Infinitouch Global Limited. It does not have good documentation at all, but it has redefinable keys, save game support, and a sound on/off switch. This is a trial version that lasts for 3 days. To our knowledge it is not crippled. All links on the page work again, so we found out it costs $12.95 to register.

GoBoy Plus
Nokia Series 60/N-Gage This is a GameBoy emulator for Nokia 7650/3650 phones and the N-Gage based on gnuboy. It's in earlier development, but has sound and zip support. Registration costs $10 USD but hey, you can play Gameboy...on your phone! Why not give it a shot?
GoBoy Plus is basically the registered version of GoBoy. It used to be an add-on, but is now included with the emulator itself as shareware.

vBoy v1.0 (Trial)
12/28/04 Nokia Series 60/N-Gage This is a GameBoy/GBC emulator written by the author of vBoy. It has full GB/GBC support, including full sound, savestates, SRAM saving and more. This trial version has saving disabled, it costs $9.99 to buy the full version.

Genesis Emulators

PicoDrive Download
This is a port of Dave's original PicoDrive. It now has sound support!
This version adds support for the 6630

MSX Emulators

fMSX v1.05a

PC Tool Set v0.99
Nokia Series 60/N-Gage
Nokia 6600/6620/7610
This is an MSX emulator by Juha Riihimäki adapted from the fMSX/Unix 2.7 source code. It seems to be very compatible and has been optimised using ARM assembly code. The PC tool set is for creating install packages from system ROM and cartridge ROM images

Multi-Arcade Emulators

EMame v1.0
v1.0 (Micro)


Nokia Series 60/N-Gage
Older Series 60

Motorola A925
A new port of EMAME by Staffan Ulfburg. Has fairly good compatibility, but is a bit slow. Sounds works in some games, but not in others. Bugs still need to be worked out. The Micro EMame version is much smaller and does not support as many games.

NeoGeo Pocket Emulators

N-Pop Download (u.01)
05/14/04 Nokia Series 60/N-Gage This is an early NeoGeo Pocket emulator using the same core as the emulator Neo-Pop does, for the would appear that many games run, but with slow speed. On another note, this project has been discontinued by the author but the source is available for anyone who wishes to continue the project. has compleat information about all gameboy advance game rom backup tools you can buy shop for gameboy muticarts - multiple games in one gba cartridge free gameboy advance emulator P2P software for sharing roms file sharing software and tutorials roms for all popular video game systems super nintendo roms snes2gba snes emulated on gba gbaroms info . usa gba roms . gameb boy advanced romz palce to get gb roms mod-chips and installation tutorials for m$ xbox Play Station 2 mod-chips so you can mod your PSX 2 mod-chips and installation tutorials for PlayStation 2 the best gba gbc and gb emulation and roms Download NES and SuperNES emulators for GBA Mac Linux and PC Windows nintendo gameboy power magazine screeshots tech details and gba sp news gameboy advance sp in usa all about mobile gaming and cell pjone games sega genesis roms gba sp roms for best prices on the flash linker all about flash xtreme ez-writer and ez-cart homepage gbadvance flash advance and cards ez-cart flash 2 advance II homepage new gba backup device supports SmartMedi cards freeware and pd roms for gba




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